Benefit Roller Lash

Mascara – Rimmel OMG! What a struggle to find the right one that works for you…

Girls I’ve been struggling and fighting with my few and short eyelashes for the last 20 years… I don’t use a lot of makeup because, I don’t have patience to stay in front of the mirror applying all the products that we should apply to look “beautiful” but, I cannot go out without Mascara so since I was 16 years old I’ve trying all kinds of Mascara and the list of brands tested is quite long and none of them actually worked as I expected… 🙂

Than about one year ago I bought a magazine and a sample of the Benefit Roller Lash came with it… Tried it and “Bless Their Heart” what a miracle! I must say that this post is not sponsored what I’m writing is what I truly think about the product… I love it!!!

And believe me it lasted me till last week till I purchased the original size.

What they write on the packaging that it lifts the lashes by 97% ? So true…

87% long lasting  curl? So True…

94% said eyes look more wide open? Yop, totally my husband says I look like a Manga… Not sure that is a compliment though? Oh well better not to think about this last part 🙂

Benefit 1

The price is about £20,- which I think that for what it does its totally worth it.

Have you tried it? Let me know your favourite mascara on the comments below 😉

Thank you for reading wish you a wonderful Sunday!

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