What’s in my Bag

Good Monday Everybody, I hope you are having a fabulous one.

One of my favourite Videos and Posts to read are the What’s in my Bag ones… I just can’t get enough of this. It’s so cool to see what others carry on their bags. So today I decided to show what I carry on my everyday bag.

The bag that I’m currently in love with is the Ingrid Bag from Michael Kors, its a cross body, I like to have my hands free so most of my bags are cross body.

It looks small but it actually fits a lot…

Michael Kors Ingrid

I also carry around my iPad Pro but, I was taking the pictures with it so no picture of it 🙂 I carry a Leuchtturm 1917 A6 I use this as my Gratitude Journal and every time I feel the need I write what I’m grateful for during my day, I take those 2 minutes and scribble. Some tissues and wet wipes, ohh yes and my iPhone sorry not included on the picture but I have an iPhone 7.

When I get a present I stick into it until is totally broken my wallet is a present from my Husband I love it and is from Longchamp.

I always have reading glasses case I like to have both of them with me but I always wear the green ones 🙂 and the Key Holder I don’t like to have keys unprotected because I don’t want them to scratch the iPhone or iPad.

This Key Holder is a good alternative for who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a Louis Vuitton Key Holder, is from a company called Giudi.

Longchamp Me on Focus

This is the Longchamp Pouch that I always carry around in every bag… It looks small but also fits a lot of stuff.

I don’t carry much around and you will see that I have both pens for the iPad Pro and the Asus tablet computer, this is because I try to carry both of them all the time with me, I’m trying to find a way to bullet journal and have a digital agenda where I can write on it but, I’ll be talking about it more on Me on Focus in the future when I’ll be done with the experiment 🙂

Ohh and in case you are interested I can do another post going through the items I carry around with me in this pouch.

Michael Kors 6 _ Me on Focus

Last thing on the back I carry the headphones 🙂

Hope you liked the post, what do you carry in your bag?

Thank you for reading me and have a wonderful week.





    1. Thank you 🌺 Yes the key holder is the best thing… it took me long time to find this one because I didn’t want to spend so much money for a Louis Vuitton one… Thank you for your the kind comment ❤️


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